The Umpiring Project 2020

By Mike Varney

Published on Thursday 25th June 2020 5:22am

"Increase your own and your team mates' enjoyment of cricket. Increase your knowledge of the game. Help your club’s cashflow!

Jeff Levick MBE (chair, Hampshire Association of Cricket Officials)

As we prepare to return to cricket, research shows that good umpiring enhances our enjoyment ten-fold. Two free online courses have been set up in an exciting joint venture between ourselves, the Hampshire Cricket League and the Hampshire ACO.

Basics of Umpiring:

This course is aimed at club umpires who just need to know the key laws and basic field craft and those players who umpire 5 or 10 overs at the weekend. The course lasts about an hour.

Click here to book Basics of Umpiring

Stage 1 Umpiring:

This course is designed to give an overview of the basic laws of the game and how to apply them, introducing the principles of field craft and match management. This course is ideal for new club umpires, as a refresher for existing umpires or as the first step for those who want to umpire at higher levels. The course takes 3 hours max. (and less for the fast fingered).

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Your club will be entered into a competition with cash prizes:

For your entry to be registered into the competition you will need to:

  • Check the tick box “I want to receive” information from your county ACO when registering.
  • E-mail your name, e-mail address and club to on both registration and completion (Basics of Umpiring only, the process is automated for Stage 1 Umpiring).

Each entrant on either course will count towards your club's total. Separate prizes are on offer for three groups of clubs with the most participants:

Southern Premier Cricket League:
1st Prize: £200
2nd Prize: £100
3rd Prize (for 10 clubs): £50

Hampshire Cricket League Divisions 1-4:
1st Prize: £200
2nd Prize: £100
3rd Prize (for multiple clubs): £50

Hampshire Cricket League Divisions 5-6:
1st Prize: £200
2nd Prize: £100
3rd Prize (for 10 clubs): £50

Courses must be completed no later than 31st July 2020. The Hampshire Cricket Board will provide fun and interesting follow up to help reinforce course content so you can add to your and your opponents’ enjoyment when we return to cricket.

Leaderboard positions will be will be published weekly via HCB social media and their website. To ensure a level playing field, positions will be calculated by dividing the number of entrants who have completed courses by the number of teams per club (women's teams are included in the same part of the competition as the club's Southern or Hampshire League first team).