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Since our inception in 1985, we have made thousands of appointments across the south of England, at both ends of the scale of amateur cricket. In this time, we've become very experienced in not just issuing appointments, but ensuring the right officials are appointed to the right matches.

Through our structured mentoring and assessment programmes, we continually analyse all of our officials performance (whether they be new to officiating or highly experienced) to guarantee the quality that is expected of us is delivered.

This goes hand in hand with our desire to progress those members who wish to officiate at higher standards, and we try and facilitate this when we make appointments throughout the season.

All of our appointments are processed and delivered through Who's The Umpire. Since its launch in 2009 as, the platform has transformed from a simple referee appointments website for a local society to a complete match officials administration system used by National Governing Bodies, including the England & Wales Cricket Board.

Having such a dedicated tool on hand makes it easier for us to administer the 1000+ appointments we are tasked with fulfiling season upon season.

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