Gold Vipers Champions Penpal Programme

By Graham Burgess

Published on Tuesday 23rd March 2021 12:30pm

The Gold Vipers Champions are looking to create a penpal programme for elderly ex-cricketers/scorers/umpires in Hampshire who are either living alone or in a nursing/care home.

Rather than sending a general email to all nursing homes in Hampshire, it is hoped that support can be given to those ex-cricketers that people may already be aware of.

If you or anyone you know may know of anyone in this position who may like to receive letters full of cricketing news with the potential of a visit post-lockdown, please let Emma Cowdrill ( at The Ageas Bowl know.

All welcome – grannies, grandpas, great aunts, great uncles, whether they’ve played/scored/umpired in Hampshire or outside the county and at any level